NEW and IMPROVED Size Charts!

Based on your feedback, we’ve adjusted our sizing information to be clearer and more accurate, and we’ve added a new size - XXSA!
These measurements are good general guidelines, but please don’t hesitate to contact a Customer Experience Specialist, who can assist you in finding the best size.

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Size Chart — Youth

SIZE CHART Youth Small (YS/SC*) Youth Medium (YM/MC*) Youth Large (YL/LC*) Youth X-Large (YXL/XLC*)
Chest 22"-24" 24"-26" 26"-28" 28"-29"
Waist 20"-21" 21"-23" 23"-25" 25"-26"
Hips 23"-25.5" 25.5"-28" 28.5"-30" 30"-31"
Girth/Torso 41"-44" 44"-48" 48"-51" 51"-52"
Numerical Size* Youth 5/7 Youth 8/10 Youth 12 Youth 13

*Numerical Sizes are only meant as general guidelines, because they can vary a lot from company to company.

Size Chart — Adult

SIZE CHART XX-Small Adult (XXSA) X-Small Adult (XSA) Small Adult (SA) Medium Adult (MA) Large Adult (LA) X-Large Adult (XLA) XX-Large Adult (XXLA)
Bust/Chest 28"-30" 30"-32" 32"-34" 34"-36.5" 367"-40" 40"-43" 43"-45"
Waist 22"-24" 24"-26" 26"-28" 28"-30" 30"-33.5" 34"-37.5" 38"-40"
Hips 31"-33" 33"-35" 35"-37" 37"-39" 39"-42.5" 43"-46" 46"-48"
Girth/Torso 52"-53" 53"-56" 56"-59" 59"-62" 62"-66" 66"-70" 70"-73"
Numerical Size* Youth 14/Adult 00 Adult 0/2 Adult 2/4 Adult 6/8 Adult 10 Adult 12/14 Adult 16

*Numerical Sizes are only meant as general guidelines, because they can vary a lot from company to company.

Not 100% sure? Contact our Customer Experience Specialists!

The measurement charts are good general guidelines, but we recommend that you call our Customer Experience Specialists to discuss sizing before you order.
These Jo+Jax pros know the ins and outs of fit for each specific style.
Call 212-966-2171, 10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday

How to Measure like a Pro!

THE BUDDY SYSTEM : It’s always easier and more accurate if someone else takes your measurements, so if you can, grab a friend and have a measuring party!

CIRCUM-NAVIGATE : All of our body measurements (except in-seam) are circumferences. So make sure to measure all the way around your body, until the tape meets back up with itself.

ON THE CUSP : If you’re on the border between two sizes, then choose based on the fit you want: order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. If you’re still growing, we recommend going for the larger size so that you don’t grow out of it a month from now! However, our To+From styles are designed to fit on the baggy side of things, so if you prefer a tighter look, then you may want to size down for these items (jackets, warm-ups, tees, sweatpants, etc.)

UNIQUENESS OF FIT : All of our designs are unique, so there may be slight variance in the way each style fits. In particular, our fitted Activewear (leos, unis, bra tops, bike shorts, leggings) is designed to fit your body tightly, whereas most of our To-and-From clothing (jackets, warm-ups, tees, running shorts, etc) is designed to fit a little baggy. You may want to size up or down depending on how tight or loose you like your clothing. If you have any questions at all about a specific style or feel unsure about your size, please call our Customer Experience Specialists before you make your purchase so they can guide you toward making the best choice: 212-966-2171, 10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday. We are here to help!

YOUTH vs. ADULT : “Youth” Sizes have a slightly different fit than “Adult” Sizes. Youth-sized garments have a straighter fit through the bust, waist, and hip to accommodate the body shapes of our younger customers. However, all of our 4-Way stretch activewear styles and sizes are designed to accommodate many different body shapes. Adults whose measurements match our Youth sizing should feel comfortable ordering that size; and younger customers should likewise feel comfortable to order from our Adult sizes. Don’t let the names get in the way of ordering the perfect size for you!