Jo+Jax is a leader in dancewear, creating some of the most unique, innovative and comfortable dance and active wear in the market.

Though originally designed for dancers, others involved in gymnastics, yoga, pilates, and more find that Jo+Jax products give them all the function they need with designs that stand out.

Jo+Jax continues to create new designs for dance and active wear that are tailor-made for superior fit, function, and style. Our dedicated and passionate team is committed to delivering high quality products that are continuously evolving to meet the technical needs of dancers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts everywhere.


Our History

Jo+Jax is the creation of sisters Joey and Jacki, professional dancers whose love for dance and fashion inspired them to create a dancewear line for dancers by dancers. Joey and Jacki grew up spending most of their time training at their mother’s dance studio. As adults, both sisters left home to pursue their dreams as professional dancers in New York City. They quickly learned that talent wasn’t always enough to get noticed in auditions—they needed great clothes, too! But with Jacki at 5’9” and Joey at 5’11”, they often came up short (literally) when searching for the perfect outfits to help them stand out.

Joey and Jacki set out to design their own dancewear. They focused on what fit great, felt good, and represented the powerful, yet elegant dancers they are. It didn’t take long before colleagues, friends and students started falling in love with their original designs. While pursuing successful dance careers as world famous Radio City Rockettes, and performers and choreographers for shows like In “The Heights”, “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Chicago”, Joey and Jacki continued to create designs that would give dancers everything they were missing in dance apparel. They combined features that every dancer needs with designs that every dancer wants.


Design Focused

Our products aren’t just designed with input FROM dancers and athletes, they are designed BY dancers and athletes. There’s a story behind every one of our designs, and intention in every color, cut and stitch we choose. Our apparel is made of custom 4-way stretch fabric that provides the support, stretch and comfort needed for hours in the dance studio, training in the gym or running around town (in style, of course). We know that great active wear goes beyond just providing great style, but is also constructed to last through the rigors of an active lifestyle. At Jo+Jax, we believe that if it’s not the best, it just won’t do.



Jo+Jax is committed to creating apparel that inspires and influences people to move through life with power and grace. We’re also committed to making the world a little better by giving back to our community. We participate in programs and foundations that advocate dance awareness and education, and we actively give back by donating time and resources to foster the art of dance.

Jo+Jax believes it’s possible to design, develop and distribute amazing dance and active wear in a socially responsible way, and we are committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business. We work with local and international suppliers that share our same vision and we are committed to legal, ethical and responsible conduct in all areas of our operation. We hold our suppliers, agents and subcontractors to these same standards. When you purchase Jo+Jax apparel, you can be sure that you’re helping promote social and environmental responsibility.