Hailee Payne

Hailee Payne originally hails from Roy, Utah but now lives in North Hollywood, California. Most recently , Hailee was a contestant on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 Street VS Stage” where she danced her way into the top 4! Hailee says that it was such an amazing experience and was grateful to be part of the whole process. Since then Hailee has performed with Jaci Royal’s “Royal Flux Dance Company”, appeared on Comedy Central, danced in a music video, and became a faculty member for the convention NRG Dance Project. Hailee is super excited to be apart of the JJGirl team. Fun Fact: Most people know that she is OBSESSED with the movie “Frozen”, but what they may not know is that she has a white tattoo on my wrist that reads “Let it Go”. She only partially got it because of the movie ;)